Investment Criteria

We use the following criteria to guide our investment decision making process:

Addressing Large Underserved Markets
We are attracted to companies with specialized approaches delivering high quality, cost effective care to existing markets that exhibit a growing demand profile and favorable reimbursement trends.

Near-term Revenue and Profit Growth
We seek companies that have realistic plans to generate growing revenues and profitability within 3-5 years of our initial investment.

Ability to Attract Top Management
We consider recruiting and retaining outstanding management talent to be a core CHL competency gained through many years of start-up and early-stage investing experience. Potential portfolio companies must be operating in a field where we believe we will be able to readily recruit strong management teams who have had directly relevant success building similar companies.

Multiple Exit Options
We must be able to realistically project that multiple strategic, financial, and/or public buyers will be interested in acquiring our companies based upon successful execution of their business plans.