Lifesciences: Select Prior

Oriel Therapeutics

Novel drug delivery devices for the respiratory drug market

Acquired by Sandoz/Novartis, 2010

Early / 2007


Novel small molecule therapeutics for ophthalmic diseases

Acquired by Shire Pharmaceuticals, 2014

Start-up / 2007

Threshold Pharmaceuticals

Therapeutics that target hypoxic cells to treat cancer and benign prostatic hyperplasia

IPO 2005

Early / 2003

Amicus Therapeutics

Small molecule therapeutics for genetic disorders

IPO 2007

Seed / 2002

GeneOhm Sciences

Developer of chip-based instruments and reagents for molecular diagnostics

Acquired by Becton Dickinson, 2006

Early / 2002


Catheter-based devices to treat occluded arteries

Acquired by Johnson & Johnson, 2005

Later / 2002


Development and manufacture of protein microarrays

Acquired by Invitrogen Corporation, 2004

Seed / 2001

Genomic Health

Consumer focused applied genomics

IPO 2005

Start-up / 2000


Drug delivery technology for localized treatment of disease

IPO 2000

Later / 1999

Cellular Genetics

Cellular and proteomics approaches to target validation for drug development

Acquired by Gilead, 2010

Seed / 1998

Molecular Staging

Novel technologies for immunodiagnostics

Acquired by QIAGEN N.V., 2004

Start-up / 1998


Devices to assist in the resuscitation of victims of sudden cardiac arrest

Acquired by Zoll Medical Corporation, 2004

Early / 1998

Alexion Pharmaceuticals

Complement inhibition for cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases

IPO 1996

Early / 1994

GelTex Pharmaceuticals

Non-absorbed pharmaceuticals to emilinate target substances from the gastrointestinal tract

IPO 1995; Acquired by Genzyme Corporation, 2000

Early / 1994

Neurocrine Biosciences

Therapeutics for diseases and disorders of the central nervous and immune systems

IPO 1996

Start-up / 1993

CV Therapeutics

Prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease

IPO 1996

Early / 1992


Provider of a leading integrated platform of genomic technologies and services

IPO 1993

Start-up / 1991


Chronic inflammatory disease therapeutics

IPO 1991

Start-up / 1990


Discovery and development of small molecules for cancer and immunological diseases

IPO 1987

Start-up / 1986